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Our Elite Golf Performance Training Program helps golfers optimize movement and enhance performance so you can increase driving distance, reduce injuries, and enjoy the game for a lifetime

The TPI Difference

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the world’s leading golf educational organization specializing in golf-specific fitness and swing fundamentals. Combining golf, medical, fitness, power, and junior development, they studied the swings of over 100,000 golfers over 20 years. After examining the data, experts discovered the Body-Swing Connection™ based on 16 fundamental characteristics of an efficient swing. While professional golfers have unique swings, a properly functioning body allows the player to swing the club in the most efficient way possible.

Today, the company delivers cutting-edge performance data to TPI-certified coaches, trainers, and physical therapists, providing the tools required to support golfers as they perfect their swing. TPI- certified trainers have access to a proprietary assessment tool and supporting software. Specialists use these tools to analyze the physical limitations in a player’s body that adversely affect the golf swing and could potentially lead to an injury.

How MVMT 360 Uses the TPI Analysis to Transform Your Golf Swing

TPI has transformed how MVMT360 approaches training and physical therapy to help golfers level up their game. With an in-depth understanding of the Body Swing Connection™, we use the TPI assessment to create a customized program for each golfer to strengthen weaknesses and eliminate inefficiencies that negatively affect a player’s game.

During our training programs, we educate golfers on the importance of the body as it relates to their swing and golf fitness. We understand that there is not one perfect swing. However, each player only has one way to efficiently swing the club based on their body and what they can physically do. Our goal at MVMT 360 is to help each golfer find their most efficient swing.

"Preparing your body is the key to unlocking your most efficient swing. The TPI assessment allows me to identify areas of the body limiting the golf swing and implement a specific program to help my players move more efficiently."
Brian Morris
Head Trainer

What is Involved in the TPI Screening

We begin with a TPI screen and swing analysis to uncover your most efficient swing. The screening evaluates swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, quality of movement, and current health based on the 16 fundamental swing characteristics.

At the end of the assessment, you receive a golf fitness score, that works like your golf handicap. The lower the score, the better. This scoring highlights areas of focus to create a unique plan for that golfer. The program includes a recommended at-home training routine along with small group training sessions to correct swing inefficiencies. Golfers who achieve the highest level of improvement work with a team of experts to develop their most efficient golf swing.

Swing Characteristics Analyzed

Sixteen central swing characteristics can lead to mechanical inefficiencies in your golf swing and put you at greater risk for injury.

Drills and Exercises Included in Our Training Program

As players perfect their technical game, there is a new emphasis on physical preparation to give players an edge. Drills and exercises are designed to increase rotational power and ball speed, mitigate injury, and correct inefficiencies in your swing. The training recommended in your customized plan depends on the inefficiencies uncovered in the TPI swing analysis.

Exercises and drills help correct inefficiencies in your swing and develop muscle memory for long-term results. Training also improves ball and clubhead speed and teaches proper posture for putting to lower your handicap.

Suspension training shows what parts of the body are working and where the body is compensating for movement limitations. It uncovers what you can and can’t do. We recommend exercises to implement into your training routine to increase flexibility.

Grind training teaches body control by forcing you to focus not only on the movement but how to control the performance of the movement. The training emphasizes triphasic movements (concentric, isometric, and eccentric). When done correctly, you can feel your body and understand the purpose of the exercises.

Med Ball training increases power, force, and rotational power safely and effectively through a series of exercises and movements. It can also train you to stabilize the spine muscles and properly rotate from the torso instead of the spine.

Core Stability training corrects imbalances and weaknesses in the core, which dictate the level of training recommended to master your most efficient swing. We also work on stability issues using stability balls and anti-rotation exercises that are important for spine health and stability.

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