We help golfers of all skill levels in The Woodlands, TX optimize movement and improve performance so they can HIT IT FURTHER and ENJOY THE GAME for a lifetime.

Have you been wondering why your golf swing is so inconsistent? … Or why your swing coach has you hitting the ball straight at the end of a lesson but it doesn’t last more than a few rounds?

If this sounds familiar you might have more going on under the hood of your golf swing that is limiting what your body is capable of doing. As Titleist Performance Institute Specialists we want to unlock your body’s swing potential by performing a proper assessment, applying targeted intervention strategies, and consistently measuring progress.

TPI Golf Performance Screening

Today’s game continues to progress and the benefits of fitness levels, mobility, flexibility, and strength are evident in players distance off the tee, swing speed, and ball striking consistency. The Titelist Performance Institute has been a key player in this progression by studying how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Understanding and evaluating a players body-swing connection provides a wholistic approach to the golf swing that will improve performance on the course as well as overall health of the golfer.

TPI’s movement screen was created by the industries leading experts and is now being used to not only improve the games top tour professionals but golfers of all skill levels.

18 of the last 20
Major Championships
were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

24 of the last 30
Players in the World
Official World Golf Rankings
are advised by a TPI Certified Expert

At MVMT 360 we truly believe that there is not one way to swing the club and score. If you look closely at the golfing legends of each generation you’ll find that they all had different swings but still got the ball in the hole. Each swing style is unique to that players body and what the body is capable of performing.

Now with that being said there’s definitely some swing characteristics that you’ll see in every good, repeatable golf swing but how your body gets into those positions can vary greatly.

The question really becomes…how efficient can we make your unique golf swing in order to optimize outcomes on the course?

Benefits of TPI Screening and Golf Fitness Program

So How Does It Work?

Tired of reaching for the medicine cabinet after each round of golf?

7 useful tips you can use to ease golf-related pain and discomfort.

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