Telehealth Physical Therapy

With this unexpected pandemic, we’ve become more and more focused on staying healthy and keeping those around us healthy. But at the same time, it’s become increasingly difficult to see specialty healthcare providers.

In order to provide an outlet for anyone dealing with nagging pain or injury MVMT 360 now offers a variety of different online treatment options that you can start with in the comfort of your own home.

“It’s never been easier to address the pain or discomfort you’ve been dealing with”

How Does it Work?

The initial evaluation will consist of a comprehensive movement screen that will help our therapist identify the injury as well as any contributing mobility or stability deficits. Based on those results we will then create a targeted, effective treatment program that is delivered online. We incorporate things that you likely already have at home like foam rollers, bands, or free weights into the plan but these are not a necessity. Additionally, a home program video link will be emailed out after the initial evaluation and follow up for you to get started with.

What You'll Need

Built-In Video

Laptop, PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Workout Space

Small open space to perform the movement screen in your home

Internet Connection

High-Speed internet connection

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