Performance Therapy and Training

Our performance therapy programs start with an individualized 1-on-1 movement assessment and biomechanics breakout. This allows us to create the perfect customized program for you based on your goals with the activities, hobbies, or sports you love to perform. We focus on complete performance development by building a solid foundation on which to optimize your mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance.

Our Philosophy:

The word performance seems to exclusively be applied to athletes and sports these days. At MVMT 360 we like to define performance therapy and training as simple….getting the most out of your body!

Don’t get us wrong athletes typically require more from their bodies in order to compete at a high level but that doesn’t mean performance therapy and training can’t apply to everyone. Our mission is to optimize movement patterns in order to improve performance in the activities, hobbies, and sports that you love to do.

So, whether you’re recovering from an injury, trying to get more active, or looking to get more out of your body for something specific like running or playing golf, we start with your end performance goals in mind and build a program tailored to fit you.

“If you don’t assess it’s just a guess”

The first step to our performance therapy and training programs is the movement assessment and breakouts. We have you per-form a variety of different movements and tests in order to identify joint mobility restrictions, muscle weakness, and/or motor control limitations. Cookie-cutter programs don’t work for everyone and we want you spending your valuable time and effort on programs that are specific to your needs.

We have three distinct areas of our performance therapy that dictate where we start and how we progress…


Mobility comes first in our book! That’s because mobility restrictions will always lead to compensations in our movement patterns. These compensations result in both motor control problems and strength problems as our bodies figure out different ways to work around our limited mobility.

‘The body always takes the path of least resistance”

We provide hands on manual therapy techniques if needed and also teach all of our clients ways to improve and maintain mobility gains independently. This is done using self joint mobilizations and self soft tissue release techniques with lacrosse balls, foam rollers, massage sticks, and a variety of other products most people already have at home. If we start with mobility first, the body will then be ready to adopt new motor patterns, improve control, and handle load without compensation.

Motor Control

As mobility improves your body is primed to address faulty movement patterns identified in the movement assessment. In order to achieve this we have to restore and optimize strength and dynamic stability.

“A weak muscle can’t stabilize”

Any specific muscle weakness and coinciding stability limitations will be picked up during the movement screen. Re-educating those muscle groups through isolated strengthening and dynamic stability drills help set the table for our bodies to handle increases in load without compensation.


Once mobility has been restored and we’ve seen appropriate progressions in motor control its time to start introducing more progressive loading into the training program.

“The body adapts to stress applied or not applied”

This is a cornerstone of how we incorporate load into our performance therapy at MVMT 360. Additionally, we don’t load muscles, we load movement patterns. This is an important distinction and mindset shift that we feel should be the focus of how we train.

As you progress through these foundational pillars of our programming and see the changes in pain reduction, mobility, strength, and stability, we can start to shift focus towards sport-specific training. This is where we try to optimize performance relative to the demands of your individual sport or hobby. This could be increased focus on power, speed, quickness, timing, balance, strength, or a combination of these things.

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